About the Author: Tim Hoppey

Described by my mom as “a holy terror” when she was feeling kindly, I had more stitches than Frankenstein before the age of two. Here I am showing a keen fashion sense as I redecorate the bathroom with toilet paper.

Born into lacrosse country on Long Island, I eventually traded in that wooden stick and became an All-American lacrosse player. (Notice the bandaged wrist: stitches again.)

There was a sandlot behind my house where every sport under the sun (and some new to this planet) was played. My dad was pitcher, umpire, referee, equipment manager, groundskeeper, and human Zamboni in the winter. Father and son bonding over backyard sports was the inspiration for Baseball on Mars.

Here I am with my dog, Bingo. Part Standard Poodle and Part Unknown,
Bingo was 100% a boy’s best friend.

Arrgh! A pirate I was for Halloween and for the rest of the year as well. Certain that Captain Kidd had buried his loot on Long Island, I marked the maps I drew with Xs and dug holes all over my neighborhood. The real treasure came when Pedro, the Pirate was published.

I was one of five children with an older brother and three younger sisters. Second from the left for those who can’t take hints.

That’s me hugging my high school sweetheart, Ellen, who puts up with me to this day. Ain’t she a beauty?

Here we are with our three redheads,
Caitlin, Brendan, and Patrick Red. 

For 27 years I worked as a New York City firefighter stationed in East Harlem. Firefighting was the inspiration for Tito, the Firefighter, The Good Fire Helmet, and The Red Car.

My son Patrick was an FDNY EMT. Just prior to being promoted to the rank of firefighter, Patrick passed away after battling cancer for a third time. He is the bravest boy I've ever known.

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